Thursday, February 28, 2008

To check on the status of your upcoming review, please see our Upcoming Product Review Page

How to submit a product sample, trial or demo for review:

PR Reps are more than welcome to submit products for review!

We now offer three options for product review - please scroll below the guidelines to choose which option you prefer.

(Please Note: Guidelines may have changed, please check before submitting your product - we will no longer do reviews of products without a physical sample to try for ourselves.)

Do you own something that makes all of your friends say... "Where did you get that?.. I HAVE to have five of them NOW!"... Do you make awesome stuff that Moms must own? Don't just sit there, tell us about it!

Send us a URL and a couple of sentences why your product or service is awesome.

- What are you looking for?

We at Pink Lemonade love toys without batteries, non-mainstream products or services, handmade goods, Anything a Hip Mom or her also Hip kids might like. We're open to anything...

We are looking for products that Moms can simply "click and buy", as most of our readers shop online. So, it goes without saying that if you make a product (however awesome it may be), that you only sell at craft fairs in Kalamazoo, we're probably not the right site for you.

- When will you let me know if my submission has been picked?

Once we receive your item or pick, we will notify you and provide you with an address where you can send samples. If you have not heard from us, please feel free to contact us again. We will make every effort to review your product in a timely manner, but sometimes things get in a Mom's way, like last minute science projects and stuffy noses.

We'll let you know if and when your product is scheduled to be featured. Your submission is not guaranteed a review, but we do promise we will give it a thorough look-over. We will only post reviews of products we love - we do not give negative reviews.

- If I advertise with you, will you guarantee a review?


- If I send a sample, will that guarantee a review?

Sorry, No. But we won't ask for a sample unless we already think we're interested. We do not return samples.

- Does anything guarantee a review?

We have to think it's cool.

If your suggestion is not selected, you are always welcome to send us other ideas.... as in, not the same idea and you're just hoping we forgot we didn't like it the first time around!

Please note:

We are currently running at a backlog for product reviews - at this time you will be looking at approximately 4-6 weeks after your sample is received before a review can be posted.

Thanks for reviewing our guidelines. Please contact us at for information on where to send product samples and trial/demo information.

Product Review Options:

Option 1:
You submit a product for review, send us a sample and we post the review. The post will appear below the banner ad or "fold" in our "C" or "D" Column and will run until it is bumped by another post (there are usually 6-9 posts in each column).

No Charge

Option 2:
You Submit a product for review, send us a sample and we post the review. The post will appear in our "B" Column (the 2nd posting column from the left, above the banner ad) and will run for a minimum of one week. With this posting, you also have the option of having that post featured on our scroll box for your choice of time.

Review - $10
Scroll Box - $5 per week

Option 3:
You submit products for review to all five of our contributors. We review your product - Liz will post her review on Pink Lemonade and our other four contributors will post their reviews on their respective sites. Liz's review will also include links to the four other reviews at the bottom of her review. Review will appear in our "B" Column until it is bumped by subsequent posts.

Review - No Charge
Scroll Box - $5 per week

Option 4:
You can sponsor a giveaway (see our giveaway info. page).

No Charge

If possible, please indicate in your post which option you prefer.

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